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Economics analysis of potato production in Dongola locality – Sudan

Author(s): Elhori A.I.S.

Journal: International Journal of AgriScience
ISSN 2228-6322

Volume: 3;
Issue: 7;
Start page: 577;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Potato | production function | socio-economic characters | costs of production

The Objective of this study was to evaluate the economics of potato production in Dongola locality - Northern State of Sudan, more specifically were to: identify the socio-economic characteristics of the potato producers, investigate potato costs, returns and profits and derive potato’s production function. A multi-stage stratified purposive sampling technique was used to collect data from 130 potato-farmers by means of questionnaire during 2006/07 season. Descriptive statistics, gross margin and regression techniques were used to reach the stated objectives. Results revealed that, farmers in the locality might quit potato cultivation due to their meager profit, which attributed to misused of the resources, high costs of production, and low educational level of farmers. Potato seeds, irrigation and land plough were the major costs items. On the other hand, regression result revealed that, irrigation numbers, seeds rate, and fertilizer application had positive and highly significant impact on potato production. Accordingly, strengthening extension services, electrification agricultural schemes, and encouragement of the recommended packages through microfinance and subsidized agricultural inputs are essential measures for productivity improvement.
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